On July 26th of 2011, Samson T. Mulat underwent surgery to remove his sinus infection from around his left eye. The drill used during the procedure, punctured through a section of Mulat's skull. That part of the skull was already weakened by the infection before. Resulting in internal bleeding in the head and soon after a stroke on the left side of his body. This left the left side of his body permanently weak. 

It's been roughly six years since the accident, and Mulat is still trying to recover, mentally and physically. In hopes of getting better, his wife planned a trip to Ethiopia, his birthplace, where he'd stay in a villa located in Merkato, Addis Ababa. I stayed with him for only ten days out of his three-month stay, but in those ten days alone, I saw significant improvements to his motor skills.

Unfortunately, those improvements didn't stick with him.

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